No matter what side of whatever border, no one should go hungry.

Power of One Foundation’s unique partnerships are allowing us to expand internationally.

The extreme poverty of the colonies in Mexico where we have served is hard for someone from a 1st world county to wrap their head around.  For example, “Los Basureros de Tijuana Valle de Guadalupe”, to which we have provided assistance, has no running water or electricity so staying clean is nearly impossible and candlelight is the only option once the sun sets.  Some of the children have told us that finding dead bodies is not uncommon as the cartel runs the area where they live and uses it as a human basura. Their jobs are to sort through trash that comes out of Tijuana, burning electronics and scrounging for recyclables like plastic and metal.

While our hearts break for the families we meet, our organizations are excited to continue making a difference in their lives and finding ways to do more through our partnership.


Working together to help others and create something meaningful in the lives of others

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