Power of One Foundation supervises a community kitchen, The OC Kitchen, for a transitional homeless housing facility in Orange County. From this kitchen, POOF also prepares hot meals for homeless individuals in the community. The meals at The OC Kitchen are completely free to all residents, serving breakfast and dinner Monday through Friday. This kitchen’s operating hours are 8am to 5pm. The OC Kitchen is a volunteer-based program and does not require any funding by POOF.

The OC Kitchen’s goals are to fill bellies and hearts with warmth by creating a safe environment where all residents, who are transitioning out of homelessness, are welcome to a hot meal and a sense of community. POOF holds itself to a high standard and our motto is “we don’t serve anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves”. We prepare our meals with a lot of love and we show our care through the quality of food we serve.

Homelessness does not discriminate; a broad scope of things cause it and the people we see on street corners and under bridges could be any of us. Through talking with many of them and developing friendships, they’ve made it clear that they are treated as less than human. As a society we are not taking care of own and we need to do better. If you want to help POOF do better, come join us. Eradicating homelessness is possible, and we work to be a part of the solution.


Working together to help others and create something meaningful in the lives of others

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